For artists of Indiana’s generation, the Four Seasons Restaurant, sadly gone, was a High Temple of Art. It was designed by Philip Johnson, the Dean of American Architects and a Kingmaker of Artists. The Rothko Exhibit there was legendary and the massive Picasso Tapestry and the pool were quite the greeting. The Four Seasons was fit for a King, and rarely would you be there without the presence of Royalty or some A list celebrity. Bob loved that association and was happier than I’d seen him in a long time when he got there.

It was a beautiful event and Bob was in cordial entertaining mode, signing autographs, giving interviews and playing the art star role. The installation done by John Woodward who also curated the event was perfection from placement to lighting it illuminated the room and made sitting poolside even more delightful. The size of the works – each 8’ x 8’ thus spaning over 40’ in width with spacing – was perfect for the room. In many ways given the clientele who went through the four seasons made it even better than a museum show.